Teamplay Management

2/17/2012 3:23:03 PM
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Teamplay Management


Hello there,

since there was quite some trouble with unmanaged or unfair balanced teamplay-servers, i decided to make some beginner-guide. This is basically for new players or players who havent figured out yet how to manage team-servers properly.


First of all, here s how the teamplay-room looks like for server-creators:


-          What does “auto join players” mean?
When starting a new room, this feature s normally “ticked”, and basically means that everyone can join your server. If you “untick” it, only players with assigned slots can join. The only people who can assign slots are the server creator and admins. You can assign slots by right-clicking the name on the list:

to remove slot you just right click again on the players name:


-          What does “Auto start rounds” mean?
This function gives you the possability to make manual breaks between the rounds. If you untick it, the only way to start a round is by clicking the “Start round” button.
It’s a nice way to get some times and balance the teams

-          Does every teamplay serv needs to be managed?
if you make a serv for your friends or school mates only, and if “auto-join-function” is deactivated, then there s (of course) no need to manage it.

-          What kind of teamplay rooms need to be managed?
If you open the room for everyone (“auto-join-players” is ticked) you re basically responsible for the server. Unmanaged and unbalanced rooms are a real pain and not fun to play. Help making the gameplay better by balancing your room.



How to manage and balance a server:

Basically you re just switching the colors of players, and what you want is: fair and balanced teams. (at least as good as possible, its impossible to have 100% fair teams)


The mechanics are easy, just right click on the player in the list (or on their playfields):

Obviously if all the players would have the same strength, the team-member-number would be the same (2vs2, 3vs3vs3, 5vs5,…). As every player has a different skill level, you have to observ the game for a few rounds to see how strong each player is.
Try to even out the teams. Newbies are a nice way to balance it out. If you re online more often, you see how strong a player is and you can more easily try to figure out how many players on which skill level it takes to make it fair.
E.g. to have a chance vs a real pro, you need at least four 60bpm players, or three 80 bpm players, or two 130 bpm players and so on..


None knows the skill of each player, so just give it some time, watch the game and then make your decision. Don’t change the team of a player during the rounds, that’s just annoying if you lose team-members while playing. You better untick the Auto-start-round function. 
If you don’t know how to make fair teams, just ask around. Normally there are enough ppl around who can help you. 


Thats more or less everything you have to know, if you have questions, suggestions,... feel free!


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