>>>Cultris Spring Tournament<<<

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>>>Cultris Spring Tournament<<<

Cultris Spring Tournament! (CST)



Double Elimination

Rounds to play vs another player: you need to win 2

How many wins are needed per round: 11

If the score is 10-10: no need to play “2 difference”, you just go on till 11-10 or 10-11

To make it easier contacting your opponent i d suggest to leave an email address here or another way to easily contact you.




The tournament will start on April the 5th!

Deadlines: (All times in GMT+1)

  1. Round: April 5th – April 15th 11:59pm (A-T)
  2. Round: April 16th – April 22nd 11:59pm (U-AJ)
  3. Round: April 23rd – April 29th 11:59pm (AK-AR)
  4. Round: April 30th – May 6th 11:59pm (AS-AV)
  5. Round: May 7th – May 13th 11:59pm (AW-AX)
  6. Round: May 14th- May 20th 11:59pm (AY)
  7. Round: May 21st --> the 2 final players can organise a time 11:59pm (AZ aka finale)

“Loser-bracket” rounds: please play them as soon as possible, if that doesn’t work I will make deadlines.

1st.: Achievement, Bot named after him/her + can choose the bot-avatar
2nd.: Achievement, Bot named after him/her
3rd.: Achievement
And of course never ending glory!



How can i reach another player? Either you try to get him ingame, send him/her a mail, probably he/she s on harddrop.com, OR you can try to reach him in this thread: CLICK ME

Do I have the right to get some warmup rounds? Yes you have, 3 is the maximum though!

I simply cant reach my opponent in time. Who wins the game now? If you sound authentic enough the “unreachable” player will get disqualified.

I reached my opponent but we couldn’t find the right time to play, what do we do now? Depends on the situation. If you really tried I may give you some more time (1-2 days), if you started looking for each other half an hour before the deadline ended, both of you will be disqualified.

What happens if one player gets a disconnect? The disconnected player loses that one game, and you can move on with the 1on1 just as before.

Is cheering for someone allowed? Hell yeah! Unless one of the two opponents doesn’t want to get distracted. Respect it if someone cant concentrate.

What if one player rage-quits? Then you automatically win 11-0 and 11-0.

How and where do I report the score? Either send an email at cultris@live.de or leave a message at this thread (or the harddrop thread)

How is the bracket made? 10 players (according to their 40 lines times) are seeded, the rest is randomised!



Feel free to record the games of others and put them on youtube. If you don’t have a recording program I suggest “CamStudio”, “Bandicam”, “Fraps” or “Camtasia”. 


Please dont forget that this tournament is all about fun! Be fair and polite and have a lot of fun ; )

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Re: >>>Cultris Spring Tournament<<<

[51] Kelly

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Yay! Me too! 

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Re: >>>Cultris Spring Tournament<<<

Count me in! :)

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Count me in bro.

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