Jstris Quickfires

9/29/2017 10:41:19 PM
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Jstris Quickfires

Most of you will be familiar with Cultris Quickfires: Tournament begins at a certain time, players sign up shortly before, players play their matches within the next 60 minutes or so, and boom the tournament has already finished. Most people here will also know that there is a Tetris Company that has established a guideline ruleset which is very different from Classic Tetris or Cultris. So, there are barely any options to play classic-themed multiplayer.

Jstris is such an option. It's a client where mostly fast guideline players play, but it also allows to customize the ruleset of a room. Like Cultris, Jstris uses "Instant DAS" (piece is instantly teleported to the wall as soon autoshift triggers). On the other hand, spawning directions and piece colors are not customizable.

Jstris Quickfires are some weekly held tournaments (or 2 times per months in future). The tournament series alternates between guideline ruleset and change-of-pace ruleset. Change of Pace means a ruleset closer to classic Tetris, e.g. no hold, limited amount of previews, harder randomizer, messy garbage, no T-Spin rewards.

This week's Jstris Quickfire (JstrisFire #3) will be change of pace: 2 previews, no hold, 14-bag randomizer, messier garbage (60%), combos are rewarded, T-Spins and back-to-backs are also rewarded but shouldn't matter much. Best ways for attack should be Tetrises, downstack combos and variable width combos (2 wide on bottom, 3 wide in middle, 4 wide on top). It's some kind of middle ground for guideline and Cultris players. Nobody is used to playing with such a ruleset.

JstrisFire #3 will be held on Sunday October 1st, 8 pm central europe time, 11 am pacific standard time. You have to show up shortly before the tournament starts (see ways to sign up) and you must be available for the next 90 minutes to play your around 4 matches. Countdown. 1 hour before the tournament starts I will post a Challonge link in several Discords (Jstris, Harddrop, Cultris2) where you can sign up with your Challonge account. Or 2 to 20 minutes before the tournament starts just go to Jstris (or HardDrop Discord) and type "register" in the Jstris Lobby chat (not to be confused with room chat; I will also check HardDrop Discord).