The Definitive Encyclopedia of Tetris Players

5/9/2018 1:21:23 AM
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The Definitive Encyclopedia of Tetris Players

Hello everybody.

I am putting together a project detailing as many Tetris players (over as many notable Tetris-like puzzle games) as I can with as much depth as possible.

I do want to say that while I am taking this seriously, it's not going to be a project without humor. There are a lot of very interesting stories out there regarding people in the Tetris community that I feel just need to be told because they're straight hilarious.

If you are wondering wether or not you are included as an entry, you most likely are included. This brings me to my point:

If you would like your name included next to your account name and aliases, please send me a personal message on discord, on here or at:

I will post examples of entries in this thread here for criticism and feedback. I'm out at the moment, but I will post someone's entry as an example as soon as I am home.


5/9/2018 3:32:53 PM
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Re: The Definitive Encyclopedia of Tetris Players

Sounds cool! I would like to be added, please. :)

5/9/2018 6:38:55 PM
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Re: The Definitive Encyclopedia of Tetris Players

its a great idea crush! hope u get lots of entries

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