@SETO SAN - probot/alphabot 24/7 room

5/29/2018 6:12:14 PM
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@SETO SAN - probot/alphabot 24/7 room

hi seto, I would like to have a server run alphabot/probot open room on cultris 2 24/7 where users can play against your bots. this way everyone can enjoy playing against your bots, not just when you are online.

i have set up several simple python scripts that can quickly detect if a guest user is online, create rooms, and reconnect to specific rooms. if we deploy your bot on a server alongside my scripts, it is easy to make this work. 

i am confident other players are interested in having this challenge, especially the pro players who have not much to do when other pros are not online.


ive added you on steam (kbofusa)

5/30/2018 4:05:04 PM
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Re: @SETO SAN - probot/alphabot 24/7 room

QwQ please happen...

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