Cultris 2 - Mac 64 bit (Catalina and above) - Workaround

9/14/2020 5:33:41 AM
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Cultris 2 - Mac 64 bit (Catalina and above) - Workaround

A. With help from Def, I'm posting this to share the results when trying to run Cultris 2 (C2) on Mac 64 bit (Catalina at this time) since this version does support 32 bit app any more:



B. Some results:  We tested these solutions and results (lower number is better performance - closer to native C2 app):

#1 Bootcamp:

- install windwows on an apple device then install C2 on it

#2 Crossover: (covered in this post)

- run C2 on a windows bottle with Crossover application

3. Virtual machine: 

- install VMWare or Parallel -> install windows or Mac os on it -> install and run C2 on that os



C. Intall and run C2 with Crossover and customed bottle (created by Def)

- Download Crossover (14 day trials):

- Download the bottle:

- Steps:

1. Install Crossover

2. From Crossover -> select the icon "+" (in bottom left) -> import bottle -> select the bottle dowloaded above -> restore -> create

3. Then you have 4 version: => Double click to run , or right click -> run

144 Fps blurred No-audio

144 Fps unblurred No-audio

144 Fps blurred with-audio

144 Fps unblurred with-audio

- You can guesst which option included by the files name, jsut 1 note: for the no-audio version -> you may have crash sometime, for bettter experiment -> we should wait a bit when open app to make it run smoother

4. Config the keyboard (optional)

- We tested and select best option for the keyboard (0, 20), but you can try different number for  other results and experiments. You can do it via: Crossover -> Regcool -> HKEY_CURENT_USER -> Control Panel -> Keyboard

9/14/2020 1:45:06 PM
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Re: Cultris 2 - Mac 64 bit (Catalina and above) - Workaround

Wineskin is free and you could ask Paul the Tall to make a script for the Portingkit.

10/24/2020 1:13:32 PM
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Re: Cultris 2 - Mac 64 bit (Catalina and above) - Workaround

def and i looked into making this run natively on mac, and i've written a (hopefully) simple guide to make this work.

please keep in mind this is very rough around the edges, and that stuff can fail left and right. if such a thing happens, let me know here or on github, or like.. in the c2 discord or something.

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