Lunar Team Tournament 2021

2/6/2021 10:53:49 PM
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Lunar Team Tournament 2021

Thanks everyone who participated in this years Lunar Team Tournament. In total 29 players played in the tournament.
The most animal signs represented was : Pig
The strongest animal sign according to our top secret ranking system was : Ox
The animal that was least represented was : Rat

If you missed the event you can catch the stream on

The winner of the Finals is Team Red Packets ! Who won a thrilling 2 to 1 set victory on over Team Lion Dancers.

The Final Set had both team captains overruling the original rule and agreeing to play a 7vs7 !


Explo, Sucknitas, he rack, Eli, marissa, under[dPd], Corona, proto. (4 dragons, 2 rabbits, 1 rat, 1 unknown)

z2sam, VIP, princ3ska, thousandfire, Abdur, sad, *asdf5(No Show) (3 pigs, 2 monkeys, 1 horse, 1 unknown)

Red packets:
Martin leilickan Bertha rocknsoul Corrosive azazea kevincentius Hasee (1 goat, 3 roosters, 2 snakes, 2 dogs)

Lion dancers:
Azteca, Verdusk virulent blaataap .Ghostie. r3hab Shaddie (3 tigers, 1 goat, 3 oxes)

Round Robin Rounds are below:


2/6/2021 10:54:05 PM
Total Posts 85

Re: Lunar Team Tournament 2021

We're looking for more organizers to help host more tournaments like this if you'd like to help reach out to us on discord.

If you have any feedback on the tournament or how we could improve the next one please comment below.