Cultris II for beginners

9/14/2021 6:53:41 PM
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Cultris II for beginners

What are the controls? How to t-spin? What are the t-spin setups? How to turn pieces in tight spaces? How to flat stack? How to do 4-wide, 2-wide etc. Where and how to practice different skills and strategies? How to get fast? What's the difference between Cultris II, old and new tetris versions? How to get high combos constantly? What are the challenges and how to deal with them? How can they be useful in online multiplayer? Any other questions, any information, any answers to them, everyting that could be useful for beginners, post here. Have fun and good luck!

9/14/2021 7:54:25 PM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners

I try to answer, lol.


What are the controls?

You can customize them under settings. My Setup is making use of the NumPad, E for Softdrop, W for harddrop.

How to t-spin? What are the t-spin setups?

Unlike Guideline, T-Spins do only send 1 line here if at all, so it's kinda useless, except for getting out of tough situations.

How to turn pieces in tight spaces?

Refer to Delfi's great guide, inspired by kevincentius and improved further

How to flat stack?

Simply place pieces into the holes early without an aim to combo.

How to do 4-wide, 2-wide etc

That's not a valid question. You leave 4 gap in the matrix and 2 gap in the matrix.

Where and how to practice different skills and strategies?

Preferrably Cheese, Survivor and FFA / Teams and last 1v1. Although frustrating, it's the way to go.

How to get fast?

Find out why you are slow. Keyboard, Monitor, Game settings, Windows settings and Tweaks found on the forum, along with the Patch we made.

What's the difference between Cultris II and older versions of Tetris

Cultris II is not Guideline, and has special legal spins allowed.

How to get high combos constantly?

Be lucky all the time

What are the challenges and how to deal with them?

My biggest challenge is just lag and frustration when I lose. For the latter, I suggest to simply go hug people, it does wonders to your psyche. Even virtual E-hugs count :D

9/15/2021 2:15:40 AM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners

Well I would provide something more based on Def's answer

What are the controls

My control is up, down, left, right, z, x, c for hard/softdrop, movement, rotation(ccw, cw, 180) respectively. btw controls vary from players to players.


T-Spins does not send additional lines, i.e. they are counted as normal line clears.

Different between CultrisII and Guideline Tetris

Cultris does not reward B2Bs, T-Spins and Perfect Clears and has a time-based combo system in place of Guideline Combo system.


If you are referring to challenge mode in the singleplayer...(a bunch of levels i you can refer to the Cultris page on harddrop wiki



9/16/2021 5:15:45 PM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners


I recommend placing your hands on your keyboard in a natural way, and use the keys where your fingers fell. Then, try to balance the work your hands do. Moving the pieces left to right is the hardest work you'll do, so you probably dont want to do much more with the hand that does that.

My controls are:

(I softdrop with the palm of my hand, which is a problem when I switch to a laptop keyboard, but oh well. It's very comfortable for me most of the time)


Spins do not send additional lines in Cultris 2, so you should use them to gain positional advantage in your stack. 

This is a good video showcasing the main spins:

Watch Cultris veterans ingame and you'll notice how they use spins. Sometimes we discuss the more advanced spins on the Discordserver, as well.


How to stack flat

Placing the pieces horizontal (so 0º or 180º), and placing the pieces vertical (90º, -90º) on the sides of the stack. This is obviously not always possible so knowing the spins will help you a lot.

By the way, this is a reason to play with horizontal pieces rather than vertical. Playing with vertical pieces makes you favor spiky stacks rather than flat ones.


How to do 4-wide, 2-wide etc.

It's funny because the incorporation of 3 and 4-wide to the stacks is kind of new. Back in the day only a few players did it, and the rest did 2-wide. What I'm trying to say is that it is hard. I recommend learning to stack purely 2-wide (you can even do 14's like this, even if it's less consistent), and then incorporate 3-wide and then 4-wide. It's really so similar to 2-wide, you just have to place the "invisible wall" somewhere else. It's a bit harder because you get less to play with on the stack.


Practice different skills and strategies

Singleplayer challenges:


Maserati - Learn speed

Fortnight - Learn attack

Survivor - Learn defense


Trying to do your best here is what make you grow the faster, and are what can make a difference in my opinion. Of course, you can just play Multiplayer, that takes everything at the same time. That's how most learnt.


Get high combos

Stack high, start with a Tetris, and do as many single clears as possible. Besides that, experience. You'll learn through playing certain patterns you get while comboing that will diminish your success rate.


Difference between Cultris II and other Tetris games

Cultris has a different piece randomizer, doesn't have hold and only one preview. It's more important speed, efficiency and improvisation than setups. Also it's more fun. Not biased.




New players can ask specific questions ingame or in the Discord server and I'm sure there will be people who help them. Don't be afraid to ask <3.

9/17/2021 10:56:04 PM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners

I've noticed that this post is not being ignored, which is pretty impressive since I hardly meet any players whose rank is above 500 (from 20,000 or more approximately). Any yet no new questions have been asked, so I gonna do this myself.

Do only achievements show the real skill of the player or rank would be enough? What are the shortcuts (keys) of the game that can be used in lobby and in singleplayer and what do they do? Where are the stats of your player and in the lobby? What are the meanings for BPM, Cmb etc. colums in the stats tab? How to look up your profile? How to change avatar and all information that is public (show/hide rank, country etc.)? What are the multiplayer modes and how to play them? How to look another player's profile and achivements? What is the difference between lobby chat and room chat? How to create a room and control it? What's the difference between singleplayer challenges (Winterstorm, Shepherd, Who can?) and multiplayer challenges (Ten, Quickstart, Shi Ta Ye)? What's the link to official manual of the game? How can you prevent high-speed players from playing in your room? How to limit the number of players who can join your room or give permission to enter your room to certain players? Where to ask my questions or contact administration besides in this forum? How the skills obtained in Cultris II could be useful in other Tetris games? Why should I play Cultris II (what are the main advantages of Cultris II over other Tetris games)? How can I hold the piece? Should I use the 180-degree spin button or just the main spins? How to decrease the amount of garbage lines I'm getting? I joined a room, a round started, "waiting for a free slot". What does that mean? Where can i find players with the same skill as mine (if I'm a beginner)? What are the circles after the room's name? Can I play with my friend on one keyboard? Can I fight an AI? How does the auto-difficulty option work?

I know that seems like a lot of typing, but, as I said before, ur doing it not for me or yourself. Ur doing it for people who want to play Tetris as good as you. More questions coming soon. æ

9/18/2021 2:17:16 AM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners

Again, just pick some questions...

Achievements and Ranks

Ranks could not precisely reflect how well a player performs. In FFA, you can climb up your rank rather easily, especially there are lots of sub100# pros.


As far as I know there is only one shortcut "/me", just a chat-assisting command.


Score  = The score you gained in the room, quitting the room and re-enter will reset it.

* The score is awared based on the number of player(s) who top out before you.

e.g. In a 5-ppl room, you gained 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 pts for attaining 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively

BPM = Blocks per minute, over the last game, equal to the speed meter on the lower-right of the playfield

Cmb = Max Combo in the last round.

SPM = Send per minute, the attack you sent to the opponent in the last game, divided by the time elasped

Blocked = Lines you blocked / Lines sent to you


You can right-click players' playfield to see their profile

You can change your avater in the website

The flag of country/region is based your IP address

Registered users are automatically assigned a rank, while guest users would not have a rank

Multiplayer Modes

FFA, Survivor and Cheese. See Harddrop Wiki for more info

Chat & Room

Room chat can only be heard by the ppl in the room, while lobby chat could be heard by the all online players (including guests)

Click "Create Room" to make rooms, you can configure the name, the mode, the speed limit, etc. before creating it.

You could set the room to "private" (auto-join players) in settings under the score table, you can also reset scores, force start rounds and assign player(s) to join here (by right clicking the avater)

There is a "Rookie playground" for newcomers, speed capped at 80BPM, overspeeding would result in decrece in the height of playfield.


You may join the discord, whose server link is posted in the "Lobby" Chat


Again, CultrisII is non-guideline, therefore there is no hold.

180 spin is more crucial in C2 for it can sometimes save you from bad stacking.

You would not receive lines when you are attacking, or you can counter them before they enter your playfield.


9/18/2021 2:40:23 PM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners

I don't know why people are giving long explanations with no real value (do you really think people are this nonsensical? lol), when all you need to know for the base of learning as a new player on c2 is to experiement with trial and error, asking in game IF you have questions is much better to helping you learn (personally) when you can then quickly try and replicate these things... such as spins, stacking methods, combo techniques and improving your downstack against others in 'swiss cheese' rooms.

The issue here is you want everyone to give some sort of 'secret' that is seemingly attached to everything skill-based in c2. When there is no such thing but hard work and dedication and repetition of these skillsets (sprinkle some luck in every once in a while) you have to almost perfect to become the best. There is no room for mediocrity in c2 if you want to become a better player. You must learn the whole game inside out. What I would suggest a new player to do (if it was myself starting from scratch again with no clue or very little clue about the game and wanting to improve my play) is to stick with players similar but not limited in the same speed AND skill. If you are really serious about improving rapidly. Play against players a level above you, where in 1v1 or FFA you cannot ever beat them, but they are not much faster than you. This way their combos will take longer and there will be longer time in between for you to practice your downstack AND potentially starting combo from your first stack (the most important moment in 1v1 and small FFA rooms).

It's pointless trying to expect playing this way against someone a whole PPS faster than you (60bpm), maximally you want them to only be 30bpm faster than you, which is half 1 pps. When you start beating these players move up to those 60bpm faster than you.

Most of all, don't give up easily. I lost tens of thousands of games before I even considered myself to know or think to know that what I was doing in the game was 'good', as in efficient and strong, I guess? 

Don't be scared of losing, rather, you should hate to lose. This will help keep your drive to also stay intact. Make this become your mindset when playing c2.

Another small tip, is to play when you don't feel like you will play good. Play in certain life scenarios that do not guarantee a good mental to gameplay level translation. Mental toughness is required for mostly 1v1 play. This will help build it up, especially being a new player as you progress up the ranks over time. PLAY A LOT! But be mindful 2-3 day breaks are the best for you when you come back after them as your mind will be fresh and hands too so you can really play your best.

Most importantly have fun! Hope these tidbits helped you.

9/18/2021 6:26:45 PM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners

Arknight: If you are going to ask more questions, this thread may become unmanagable, as too much information is clustered.
I have the feeling, that you are requesting exactly those things that the original game Developer wants our community to deliver a new website, to make the game more understandable.

There is a missing link to also treat people with those questions. 
Usually, those questions are answered in-game.
Nobody took the effort to write such a huge user-guide, and I am quite certain that we have something with higher priority todo.

For instance, to clear lines :)

9/19/2021 8:31:36 PM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners

Mhm...mhm... mhm. Yeah, alright! That makes sense. Thank you guys for replying to my questions, but, unfortunately, this must be stopped. At the end, the universal guide to all games that first players followed was and always will be: Play the game. Don't get me wrong! I carefully read and understood everything u told. And I guess, you're right! There's no way to become pro in one day in any game, so to become pro u actually need to put effort. In conclusion, if u really like the game, just play it. The more u play, the stronger u become. This works for any kind of activity, not only games. So I see no reason for prolonging this conversation. If u want to correct me, write here. Then archive the post if it's possible. See you in game!

9/19/2021 11:17:21 PM
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Re: Cultris II for beginners

That was implied, yes. You need to play the game to get better. But the questions aren't pointless. You can focus your efforts intelligently and improve faster. If you genuinely have a question, ask it! Veterans may have insights that you may no able to think of.