Team: ƒlâ†linê––––^v–––––™

8/18/2022 10:53:58 PM
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I have become Death - the Destroyer of scrubs.

Team: ƒlâ†linê––––^v–––––™

One hot summer day of July 1998 a team was born, a team like no other. This team had overthrown the Tetrinet scene and caused people to establish fear in their hearts. Everywhere you go, you would hear about this team. Some say they were just a myth, some say they were too good to be true, but the ones who knew the truth would stay in fear. This team was known as fac, presently known to the Tetrinet world as Flatline... You have just been flatlined.

-jett, 2001


Team name: ƒlâ†linê––––^v–––––™

Team leader: Corrosive

Current members: Corrosive, rocknsoul, Lean

Recruiting: Yes (request here or message Corrosive on Discord)