Discussion: what is a gamer?

4/3/2013 2:36:40 PM
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Discussion: what is a gamer?

A gamer, something most people relate to someone gaming alot, but when are you a "gamer"?

Usually when I talk with people they don't call themselves gamers or more a cusual player, asking what game(s) they play it's usually something like LoL or CoD. For instance this one guy said to me i play BO2, I asked him his play time, 13days he said, which is over 2 hours a day average. If this person claims to be casual when would he claim to be a gamer? 
Does playing one game for long periods limit your gamer being?

I for example have played cultris2 for 11 months for I think 3 hours a day easily. Sometimes playing guildwars2,
guildwars 1 and some cod's. I estimate myself playing 3hours or more playing videogames a day, usually doing only game for 
a long period, like now almost 11 months nonstop cultris2 before that 2 years or more CoD, every now and then i play GW1
and before those games I excessively played Guildwars1 for multiple years. But I don't follow the gaming trends actually. 

What is a gamer?

4/3/2013 8:35:14 PM
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Re: Discussion: what is a gamer?

Yeah, it's a pretty undefined term. But if someone has the ability and confidence to actually label themselves as a gamer, clearly they're a gamer. I suppose it's more mental and personal than objective, a status as a gamer can't be objectively deducted or analyzed. As long as the person playing games feels they've reached the certain mentality and spirit that they personally define to be a gamer, then that alone is sufficient for them to label themselves as such.

7/29/2013 10:22:57 AM
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Re: Discussion: what is a gamer?

From the standard people in our society,gamers and freaks/"nerds" are equal to each other. But that is definitely wrong. A gamer can play lots of games,without being a freak in the same moment. A freak is someone who cant do a break while gaming,I was playing in this way,but i dont do it so strong anymore today.

While a "nerd" is known as someone who failed to manage his real life and being sick to computers,the truth would be mostly like having special computer skills(Programming or something like that),but no one with the same interest in the real world.

A hardcore-gamer dont needs to be able to fix a programming error in the favourite computer game. A "nerd" can be pretty bad (Slow in cultris!) in-game,except the guys who are cheating.


That is my statement to gamers and computer "freaks".

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