Feature Idea : The "Report Abuse" button

7/14/2013 12:14:48 AM
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Nerd Royal!

Feature Idea : The "Report Abuse" button


I ve played some rounds last week and one player was really acting like a troll and because there cant be a mod online to any time,it would be good to have a way to "complain" about people that are spamming, racist or any other things in this way.

In online mode we can do a right-click on the username of a player. Why dont extend the menu with some option like this?


7/14/2013 3:29:04 PM
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Re: Feature Idea : The "Report Abuse" button

Wouldnt be a bad idea. However it is kind of difficult to decide when it should actually mean that action is taken, as sometimes people might just randomly agree someone is annoying, for no particularly objective reason. For now. You can always screenshot what happens and send it to an admin, and we will decide if something needs to be done : )

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