[How to] Your own Cultris II party without LAN Mode!

8/16/2013 9:48:02 PM
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[How to] Your own Cultris II party without LAN Mode!

Hello all,
this Thread will lead you through the organisation of your first and best Cultris II party ever done. To do that,the online mode as well as the split-screen mode are used.

The first step will be to find players. These can be people from your real-life,Cultris addicts or the best way: A mix of them!
In our example,we have got 20 players. You have got the choice now: Play with those 20 players or try to get 10 players only because the Cultris Mods an/or Simon will get problems maybe. There we come to the next step: Tell a mod(or better two) about the event and the number of players being awaited and when they will be awaited.
Decide where you will play the tournament. (both split-screen and online part!)Of course you can do it at your home,if you dont live in some inner-city...you need to organize snacks and drinks.Check how many connections does your gateway/DSL Router carry until it denies its service. If the computers have WLAN and Ethernet Network Cards,build some add-hoc networks to reduce the gateways problems!
In the case of reducing the players number you will need:
1 computer per two players with monitor,mouse and so on.
1 keyboard for each player(2 on 1 comp.,with USB keyboards simple done )
1 copy of Cultris II per computer
(BTW:Who will bring the computers to the party? 10 people for all?)
Now the most important part(That is why you should mix our community and your real life!): Decide who will play against who on the same machine. Now we will configure Player 1 and 2 on each computer. Reset ANY ADVANCED settings,so everyone has a fair chance!!
Now assign the keys like the following pattern(its your choice,is it?):
(Notice,I have a german keyboard!)

Command   Player 2    Player 1
ROTATE*    W           I
LEFT           A           J
RIGHT         D          L
DOWN-SOFT S          K

*Can be rotating left or right,but never 180 degrees.

The tournament structure is at this point. : Player 1 fights Player 2;Player 3 fights Player 4 and so on.
Standard game mode,Swiss Cheese and Survivor mode can be used to determine the Cultris God.(The local Cultris God,I mean!)
After finishing this,decide how many sets to which wins are being played. Search other not playing people to watch the stats (Because split-screen has none!). In this example,3 sets to 10 wins are being played.
So...we have decided the people which have got the right to go online.
Meet to another day again,but give the candidates two homeworks:
1. Let them set the controls to the way that they want (This also allows the change of the advanced settings,make a screenshot before you change your style to some ****,man.)
2. Let them create an gewaltig.net account,I will say why.
Now lets meet together on another day. Everyone needs:

-1 computer that is connected to the internet,DSL router or ad-hoc network that gives access to net connection
-gewaltig.net account (Makes the Mods easier to kick some inapprobiate people. Imagine that they will have to cancel your tournament through banning. A party mans nightmare!)
Let the one with the best internet connection open the room on gewaltig.net. Because of the split-screen part,some players who arent so fast than others are gathered here. You may want to use a speed limit because of that. Select the standard or swiss cheese game mode.The recommended tie-breaking method in a number of potential winners like 2,4,8 is some split-screen match. In other situations (3 or 5,6 possible winners) you will to keep that online. It is recommended to have a watch on the stats at any time. If there is some disconnect which kicks all players,it will help. Trust me.
I hope you will take some Cultris II parties. Tell us.
Can be updated if required,questions can get asked. Thanks for reading that.

8/22/2013 12:58:16 AM
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Re: [How to] Your own Cultris II party without LAN Mode!

UPDATE OF DOCUMENT: If you have been banned and your tournament is in some 1 versus 1 way,start cultris II on a third computer,while the both others will connect through remote desktop tools. Yeah,this would be a great LAN mode,while the third computer will act as server. You might need Virtual Router (Access Point) software to connect if you have trouble with your real gateway. Here are good solutions for Windows AND Linux. I dont know about Mac OS X,since the only task i could do at school is to shut down a mac. But if the Virtual Router thing is to hard and your computer has got two network cards,just let the both computers open one add-hoc network while the third will join those networks at the same time.

BTW: Nobody is interested,are you?

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