Split-screen mode:Not good enough!

8/26/2013 11:27:21 PM
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Nerd Royal!

Split-screen mode:Not good enough!

I know that the most people dont ever used this feature(Who actually did?),but here are some things that arent good for people who are using it much.(or e.g. "Cultris II Party without LAN Mode") First of all,here are none statistics at all. (Switching between Player 1's screen and stats.)The second: Me and my friend will start to play often together Cultris II. We have both computers,but however,it is sort of wasting electricity to turn them both on and being required to have one online-player per computer only. What about taking some guest (2nd player must  not be able to login,the 1st will be responsible.") to the online game? If they are good enough,slow enough or use two keyboards or joysticks?(JoyToKey,for example? If you dont declare this as cheating?)

8/27/2013 12:18:24 AM
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Re: Split-screen mode:Not good enough!

I only used splitscreen couple of times at school, and I didnt mind the way it works. 

Dunno bout your login ideas and wasting electricity stuff.

P.S. Leave a blank sentence every now and then, way more comfortable to read.

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