Cultris II crashed, errlog.txt posts here>>>

12/23/2013 6:52:19 AM
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Cultris II crashed, errlog.txt posts here>>>

hey all, i cant seem to find where to attach the errlog.txt file in the forum as suggested in the prompt after the cultris II application wasn't able to send the error report automatically, so i decided to copy and paste mine here. if anyone knows the proper way to submit an error report if the client fails to do so, please feel free to correct me.


in the interim, the automated message told me to post the error file in the forums but not any specific thread. (and im not sure how to attach it outside copy and paste) so i thought i'd start one up.


heres mine

occurred once exiting the advanced settings window after changing all my block colors to white>>>>>>>>

2013-12-23 00:36:05
1.4c 29
    at net.gewaltig.cultris.gui.backgrounds.SnowBackground.renderThisObject(
    at net.gewaltig.cultris.gui.RenderObject.renderObject(
    at net.gewaltig.cultris.gui.OpenGLGUI.update(
    at net.gewaltig.cultris.Cultris.gameloop(
    at net.gewaltig.cultris.Cultris.main(



12/24/2013 1:37:09 PM
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Re: Cultris II crashed, errlog.txt posts here>>>

Thanks for the report. Will be fixed in the next release.


12/24/2013 8:25:06 PM
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Re: Cultris II crashed, errlog.txt posts here>>>

I encountered a crash earlier, but couldn't find the errlog.txt file. It might have something to do with the snow background. The crash is reproduceable as follows:

Click on the window bar (for moving the window) and leave the mouse depressed for 5-10 seconds. It crashes once you let go. It also occurs if you take too long to resize the window.

12/29/2013 3:56:28 AM
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Re: Cultris II crashed, errlog.txt posts here>>>

Ditto for me on the previous post

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