Help elderSloth quit Cultris!

2/22/2014 8:04:03 PM
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Help elderSloth quit Cultris!

Hi everyone,

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I started playing tetris a year ago, and Cultris 2 8 months ago.

Due to my obsession, I have climbed up to rank 37 in just one year of tetris.

Although I enjoy this game alot, and have met loads of fun people here, I have spent too much time playing.

10,000 games in 8 months is about 40 games a day... and thats about an hour and a half of cultris ONLINE every single day.

As some of you may know I play the offline challenges a lot so I spend around 2-3 hours of my day playing cultris 2.

I am at school right now, and I have my GCSEs, and I would hate to not get straight A*s because I have been playing Cultris.


  1. Can someone with the ability to BAN my account until 16 June 2014, when my last exam finishes.
  2. Can people who recognize me online not give me slots in private rooms, or even better, tell me to go offline if u recognise me online.
  3. DO NOT accept 1 on 1 invitations from me.

I know this post may just seem tedious and impertinent, but if you do read this try to help me so that I can work hard for my GCSEs. Much apreciated. 

Thanks Guys and see you in 4 months!


Shoutouts to:  Sayful, Ammouxion, jackoconne, coco martin(or whatever your name will be), Daikurai, ayt, hasee, Satan, *jolly*!!!!!, Storm68, Prof_Layton and  Rindaman (sorry if I left anyone out)

Players that helped me a lot: Jes, Hawkeye, JT, Agamemnon

Special Thanks to Extruder, who helped me stream and record on many occasions :)


5/15/2014 9:17:18 PM
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Re: Help elderSloth quit Cultris!

youre the best player thought :)

5/16/2014 12:44:34 AM
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Re: Help elderSloth quit Cultris!

We will wait for you :).

And good luck with the exams.

8/21/2014 10:53:30 AM
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Re: Help elderSloth quit Cultris!

Thanks for the people that played with me when I sneaked on,

Even more thanks to the people to tell me to get off.

I got 12A*, so yeaaa.

Thanks guys.


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