Appeal to an unforgiving ban... from your friend - Suicide

3/24/2014 1:20:07 AM
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Appeal to an unforgiving ban... from your friend - Suicide

The appeal of which I'm submitting to refers towards my status on the wonderful and forgiving realms of Cultris II. Unfortunately, I'm inclined towards publicly subjecting myself towards scrutiny for my imperfections, those of which have left me in a state of exile from my peers. I stand here today, at the complete discretion of those who dictate the game(a name that infinitesimally captures the absolute meaning) for my liberty to be reimbursed, not as a right, but as a monumental privilege in such an insignificant life. Life of which holds absolutely no merit rather an impending route towards failure and torture derived from acts that can be considered as nefarious. Specifically in this case, I am prosecuted for expressing my disdain towards my opposition. Forgive me if I sound pretentious in the slightest increment of measurement, however I deem myself as exceptionally competitive. Due to this unruly characteristic that has been deeply rooted into the structure of my subconscious, despite how fond I am of such, I find myself without the ability to plea towards any sense of guilt. I find competition as a deplorable conviction aching for the self fulfilling sensations of absolute euphoria that follow. To simplify this sentiment that is subtlety disguised within the fabrics of Cultris II: I propose to reiterate in specific detail my wrongdoing for the sole purpose of re-evaluating my actions. 

... in poetic fashion:

Dark and gloomy out thy window
internally stretching towards states of solitude,
doused aura of erratic demeanor
bleach burned the nostrils of thee
cant the eyes be filled with photos of foggy mist
retrieve from sadness, 
auto pilot mind feigns realism
sense of distraction
this contraption
competition is thy facilitating action of my predisposition
forgiving sorrow strikes the window
back into cloud that shine
empty out thy window.

... in lyric form(hip-hop):

Feelin kinda down, aint no time to clown around
feel kinda frisky might jack off to misty or trixie
retract that statement when recollection hits
jolting my system to a reminiscing mix of
contorting fingers controlling blocks that fall
symbolically representing all and all
beating my opponents down and out with a sense of vengeance
that of which represents cat n mouse 
look up my blouse
now i'm out. 


Throughout my bouts and endeavors across the terrain of cerebral imagination that of which is CULTRIS II, I have committed acts of profanities and vulgar expressions of malice towards the innocent like minded indivudals.Profanities with the sole purpose of fueling my competitive nature, therefore I deeply apologize and pls pls pls unban me.


3/24/2014 5:51:24 AM
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Re: Appeal to an unforgiving ban... from your friend - Suicide

10/10 wuld read again

wuld also read this again:


Okay, so competition itself is hardly "deplorable" by any means. In fact, competition and skill recognition are the core aspects that drive any successful gaming experience. Yet, competition also does not justify excessive profanity or vulgarity. Just because you gain pleasure from artificially creating an intense competitive atmosphere does not justify you in disrespecting or blatantly offending other players. Rather, satisfy your needs via more mature and sensible methods, such as exclaiming mild victory gloats or playful taunts, things every other person does.

In fact, competition already thrives within Cultris II, literally everyone plays driven by this competition. So what you're actually seeking is not the competition that already exists, but rather a particular atmosphere you've become accustomed to, whether it be from Xbox Live or LoL. It seems you strongly associate an authentic gaming experience with aggressive smack talk and vulgarity, when these are simply just byproducts of preadolescent teenagers tolerated by an uncensored environment. Unfortunately, Cultris II is certainly a censored and regulated environment, and as such you simply don't have the right to disrespect others for the sake of your own pleasure.

Of course, I must admit it was my own pleasure reading your noteworthy display of SAT nostalgia and prodigious Tswift lyricality. Hope things work out for ya, Suicide.

3/24/2014 4:06:39 PM
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Re: Appeal to an unforgiving ban... from your friend - Suicide

You are banned till the 28th so you'll be fine. 

3/25/2014 11:21:40 PM
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“If they ever tell my story let them say I walked with giants (...) let them say I lived in the time of Achilles...”

Re: Appeal to an unforgiving ban... from your friend - Suicide

And you used "towards" too many times.
4/5/2014 8:28:57 AM
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How hard can it be?

Re: Appeal to an unforgiving ban... from your friend - Suicide


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