Cultris Trailer!

4/1/2014 9:08:09 AM
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Cultris Trailer!

Hello! So as we all know the Cultris playerbase is quite paltry compared to other major Tetris clients, and the problem is mainly a lack of social publicity. That said, after recently discovering the wonder that is game recording (honestly I’m quite addicted), I decided to finally get off my couch and whip together a YouTube trailer! I’m very new to this sort of stuff so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the link to the trailer:

Also, here’s the link to get Camstasia 8 for free, for those who are interested:

4/1/2014 9:54:51 AM
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Re: Cultris Trailer!

That's a pretty nice video. Good job!

4/1/2014 10:29:49 AM
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Re: Cultris Trailer!

Thanks Meow! I'm glad you and JT upload fantastic gameplay material ^^

4/1/2014 1:43:55 PM
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Re: Cultris Trailer!

Very nice work.

I have two comments:

  • I don't think you need to show survivor or james clewett, since in 1-2 seconds, the viewer won't notice too much. Either show it a bit longer and add explanation, or cut it and make other scenes slightly longer (i.e. the replay with invisible field).
  • Might just be me, but I thought the logo and text at the end wasn't centered. Sorry to nit-pick ;)

Other than that - Steam, gogogo! :)

4/1/2014 3:56:56 PM
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Re: Cultris Trailer!

In the intro with the 'tired of slow/boring gameplay', if the intention is to show bad aspects of other games, here are some ideas: fast fowarded 'playing forever' to show that there are no risk or challenge in stacking, playing against fake opponents, abuse of kicks to delay death, misdrops due to lag... etc.

For the 'all SRS twists' included part, the statement is not entirely accurate. Mentioning 180 spins may be off-putting for some; most won't know what they are. Maybe call it something like 'all the familiar spins and more'. Flash some basic spins and then end with Cultris-only spins (leave out the 180s). A good spin to show is the L/J twist that fits into a regular T-spin double setup on top of a Tetris column. That one can't be done with SRS.

There could be more emphasis on multiplayer. Casual players want to play with their friends. Some things that might appeal to them are:

  • different multiplayer rooms. Show that you can have 1v1, FFA with increasing number of players, teams with various combinations (2v2, 3v3v3, 6v6 etc.)
  • convenient, Quake-style in-game chat. Can chat in the room or the lobby.
  • stats after each game
  • colour schemes - it would be neat to show some interesting examples. This could be done in a small overlay when you are showing the configurations.

Some of the single player modes can be skipped:

  • Ruggu - not that interesting
  • Melee - could be replaced with a multiplayer room with 15+ players
  • Lying - not that interesting/obvious

The super responsive controls might also be worth mentioning. They are the smoothest of any Tetris game by far.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

4/1/2014 8:38:32 PM
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Re: Cultris Trailer!

Ooh thanks for the great suggestions guys! I'm currently entering midterm season and won't be able to immediately implement these ideas, but I'll definitely take these into consideration :) 

Btw, which of the online/offline challenges should I include, and what aspects/how long should I display each challenge? I also agree that the challenges in my current video lack clear presentation.

4/1/2014 9:25:16 PM
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Re: Cultris Trailer!

I wouldn't put in too many. A few, but maybe 7ish seconds. 'And many more...' :)

The ones that I think could be interesting to see:

  • Shai Tai Ye
  • Who can?
  • Angular Momentum


4/5/2014 8:26:10 AM
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How hard can it be?

Re: Cultris Trailer!

HAHA Yes brilliant, much better than my attempt.

Are we allowed to rip on Tetris friends? I don't know about that one, maybe we should of had a video of like NES Tetris for a comparison.

Also love the fact that no hold and 1 preview is a feature. XD

Awesome Job. Maybe we can relive the idea of putting Cultris II on Steam. I remember one of the requirements were having a trailer

4/5/2014 11:19:24 AM
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Re: Cultris Trailer!

Haha thanks Kastle! Your video was actually a great inspiration/source for my work hehe, I'm honored you like it!

Hmm I also wasn't too sure if Tetris Battle footage would be allowed, but this was mainly targeted for the Facebook audience who don't even realize better clients exist! As for implementation to Steam, what are the current obstacles Cultris faces? Do we not have the legal rights to publicize this game at all, even for non-profit? And are there other obstacles to be aware of?

4/6/2014 9:09:35 AM
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How hard can it be?

Re: Cultris Trailer!

Here is the original thread from a while ago

I forgot how steam GreenLight works, ill go and look into it a bit more.

EDIT: Copy paste from steam greenlight

What do I need in order to submit my game?

You'll need a valid and non-limited Steam account (yes, that means you'll need to own a game on Steam). Then you'll need to fill out the submission form, including some information about you and your game. There's also a one-time $100 submission fee per Steam account. The submission will require:

A square branding image (similar to a box cover) to represent your game in lists and search
At least 1 video showing off your game or presenting your concept
At least 4 screenshots or images
A written description of the game along with the tentative system requirements.

What is the purpose of the Submission Fee?

In order to keep spam and joke submissions out of the system, there’s a one-time submission fee that will enable your Steam account to submit games to Steam Greenlight. Once you’ve paid the fee, you can submit as many games as you want. All proceeds from the submission fee are donated to Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children in over 70 hospitals worldwide.

What happens when I submit my game?

As soon as you set your game's visiblity to public, it will start showing up for the community to review. Come back often to respond to community feedback, answer questions or update your page with new developments or media.

Can I update my entry after I’ve submitted my game?

Please do! We encourage you to update your presence in Steam as often as you like to keep your fans and potential customers involved in your development process.

Are there any restrictions on what can be posted?

Your game must not contain offensive material or violate copyright or intellectual property rights.

Do I need to form a company, or can I post as an individual?

You do not need to form a company, but many developers have found it to be beneficial. It will depend on where you do business and what kind of laws are applicable there. Once your game has been Greenlit, you will need a single individual or entity that will be paid for sales of your product. We cannot split payments to multiple individuals or members of a partnership.

What systems must my game run on?

To remain in Steam Greenlight and qualify for distribution via Steam, your game must at least run on a Windows PC. You can also be developing for any other platform you like, but we are only able to support PC, Mac and Linux releases at this time.

How are games ranked on Steam Greenlight? How do I know how well my game is doing?

Games are ranked by the number of up-votes from the community. Once your game is submitted, you will see data on how your game is performing relative to other games in Steam Greenlight.

How many votes does a game need to get selected?

The specific number of votes doesn't matter as much as relative interest in a game compared with other games in Steam Greenlight—we need customers to help us prioritize which games they want to see made available on Steam.

We're going to be reaching out to developers as we see their games getting traction regardless of whether they have achieved a specific number of votes or are sitting 1st or 2nd place at any given time. We are most interested in finding the games that people want, not requiring them to hit a specific number of votes.

How can I get more votes for my game?

We recommend reading through our tips for marketing on Steam Greenlight.

If my game is accepted through Steam Greenlight, can I give my previous customers keys for the Steam version?

Once your game is accepted for distribution on Steam, we will give you as many keys for your game as you want at no cost.

How often will Valve be selecting games from Steam Greenlight?

We will regularly be selecting games from Steam Greenlight, based on our bandwidth to ship games on Steam.

What happens after my game gets Greenlit?

Once your game is Greenlit, you will receive an e-mail at the address associated with the account that posted your submission. This e-mail will notify you of your product's Greenlighting and will invite you to begin filling out the digital paperwork. You can take as much time as you need to complete the paperwork and/or to work on your product before releasing. You can learn more about the digital paperwork and about launching on Steam here.

What if my game never gets accepted?

Currently your game will remain on Steam Greenlight unless you decide to take it down.

What if I don’t want to announce my game early but I still want it to be on Steam?

Once a game is accepted through Steam Greenlight, it doesn’t take long to get it launched on Steam, so feel free to hold off on posting to Steam Greenlight until you’re ready to announce.

Are there resources to help me market my game?

There is a Steam Greenlight Widget-creator where you can make a widget to post on your website. We also have logos that you can use in conjunction with marketing about your game on Greenlight.

How early in development can I post my game?

There are two categories in Steam Greenlight: One for mostly-finished games seeking distribution via Steam and one for early builds and concepts that are simply seeking feedback from the community. You can choose the right category for your title when you post

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