Mechanical keyboard

5/12/2014 3:30:16 AM
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Mechanical keyboard

Hey, I've been looking to buy a mechanical keyboard and did quite some research and thought it might be a good place to ask this here.

After some research I conclude I either want blue,brown or red mx switches. 
I honestly think Blue's seem very good for tetris due their clicky feel, yet they seem to have a high reset point so for say tapping 3-4 times a second not that good. 
Browns are said to be a safe middle road and you can't go wrong, but I honestly am not looking for not going wrong too bad but for going right, and brown's seem to be responsive aswell but not as responsive.
Reds are really twisting my mind, since they seem to be the fastest types of switches to tap with but have no responive feel which I think is quite important. 

I currently have a keyboard with rubber dome and this is going to be my first mechanical keyboard.


(I posted the exact same thing on harddrop, for the people who go on there aswell. Posted this here aswell since some of you don't go on harddrop I guess and I'm looking for a lot of feedback)

5/13/2014 3:03:14 PM
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cuz my hips don't lie

Re: Mechanical keyboard

Since no one has replied, but I did get views I figured some people might be interested in purchasing a mechanical keyboard aswell.

The research I did the last week made me make the conclusion that for a tetris player a mechaninal keyboard that has red MX switches the best option is.

Red MX keys: are linear, you don't feel a bump when pressing down on them and are therefore the fastest to tap with and in general very good for gaming, but the lack of a click or bump you feel makes them less desired when just typing.

Black MX keys: same thing as the red ones, but they are a lot heavier.

Brown MX keys: Probably the most common they have a nice clicky feel to them are easy to tap with but not the fastest. They are great for general typing and can be used to game aswell. A safe middle ground, can't go wrong on these. But if you're like me and want keyboard made for gaming, this is a great choice but not the best.

Blue MX keys: These are for typing; they have huge click and a very nice bumpy feel but aren't made for games, and defenitely not for tetris.

Now from the keyboards I got recommended on keyboard forums and the ones I picked from reading/ watching reviews; I made a list of 4 keyboards I wanted to pick from:
Ducky shine 3 DK9008, Corsair vengeance K95, FUNC KB-460 and the Gigabyte Osmium.

Starting with the Ducky:
A less populair brand but it is simply the best keyboard manufacturer out there, very heavy keyboards, they never break. Didn't see any negative feedback about these. It doesn't have media keys that actually is one the drawbacks, I don't use the media keys my keyboard currently has so I don't mind but if you into it this is a downside. They come in 7 backlighting colours, and the possibilites you can backlight your keyboard are almost endless. One of their most impressive features you can tweak the repeat and delay settings yourself. Although their diversity they also are pricey; 150euros. (This is a purchase for multiple years, so you won´t be needing a new one in 18months).

The FUNC KB-460:
Just like the Ducky an amazing keyboard, although it doesn't come with the repeat/delay options the ducky has and the backlighting possibilities aren't that immense but an amazing keyboard overal. This one does have media keys. It also comes with a detachable armest unlike the Ducky. Now just as with the ducky this keyboard has very little drawbacks or downsides, I didn't ever read about it, but it is stated that this is an amazing keyboard but when compared with the ducky just not as good. This keyboard being a bit less ultra pro it also is a lot cheaper. Only 100 euros.

The corsair:
This keyboard has some features that some might really dig and some aren't too impressed. The keys are placed very high onto the keyboard, normally the base of the key is build a bit into they keyboard, here the base of the key is build on top of it. This makes them a bit smoother apparently since there is just this little little bit les resistance and gives a cool backlighting effect. The downside with this feature is, it gets dirtier a bit easier but is also easier to clean. I did read twice that due to this the key switches are more vulnerable to soda attacks or just getting worn-out. The keyboard comes with an detachable armest like the FUNC and with several media keys and shit ton of macro keys. The lighting is very customizeable aswell. This overal great keyboard goes for : 130 euros.

The Gigabyte Osmium:
At first this looked like an amazing keyboard with very little drawbacks just as the FUNC, it has media keys, macro's build in armrest. Everything you want, basically a very solid well build keyboard. The lighting wasn't too customizeable but you couldn't go wrong on this one either, this was going to be my keyboard of choice untill I read multiple times that within about 6months time the keyboard just stopped out of the blue. All users who had this problem sent it back to the manufacturer and recieved within a weeks time a brand new keyboard. But this is one of those things that really turns me off.

In the end I will be going for the Ducky keyboard, this one might be the most expensive but due this being a multiple year purchase and having worked a lot lately I can afford it and deffenitely think it's worth the extra 50euros. If you still want a high performance keyboard but don't feel like paying this much there are very basic mechanical keyboards for 100 euros or less aswell like the FUNC. 

Say u don't want the red switches because you do a ton of typing for school the all these keyboards come with other MX switches aswell such as the browns.

I hope some of u found this helpfull, I clearly am not too specific about the switches, because I don't want to drown people with a long post about MX switches.

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