Question: how to play c2 well for a long time

3/10/2015 7:21:18 PM
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Question: how to play c2 well for a long time

When I play, I keep my eye on the combo bar while simultaneously trying my best to downstack and utilize all kind of spins that I learned from guideline tetris (tetris with previews and hold). I see Martin, iljain, slickalei, and several others playing well all of the time. Their brains seem to never get tired like mine.  I can't keep up my skill for a long time if i aim for combos and good downstack with spins because i start getting a severe headache. How can I play well without tiring my brain so quickly?

3/11/2015 4:14:33 AM
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Re: Question: how to play c2 well for a long time

I don't know why you need advice, you're probably one of the top rank players on C2.

While I don't think I'm the best person to be giving advice, and what I'm about to say is only my opinion on how I approach games. But The one thing I do think is more prevalent in C2 compared to other tetris games is that a bad decision made quickly, is better than taking too long to make the right one.

This is because of how much faster it is, the fact that combos are based on time rather than consecutive clears, and that spins don't aid in sending lines.

This means that

  1. Sending lines is relatively easier and faster than in other games. Meaning its not as important to concentrate on the neatness of your own stack.
  2. Keeping an eye on what your opponent is about to do, and the state he is in is arguable as if not more important to keep in mind.

Especially in 1v1's more so than ffa, I think you can react to what state your opponent is in and act accordingly. asking yourself questions like "Am I safe to try and attack now?", "he has half a stack which means he probably can only do an 7 at most, am i safe to continue to stack or should I start to downstack?" "I know a 9 will kill him but pushing for it could put me in a bad position if I can't. Should I go all in? or play it safe?"

Again this is my approach and as you can see I'm not probably even top 50 players, so one of the higher ranked players will probably tell you otherwise. But thats how I think about it.


3/11/2015 7:28:45 AM
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Re: Question: how to play c2 well for a long time

"How can I play well without tiring my brain so quickly?"

stop playing guideline. i think only guideline users get this "condition".. whenever i talk about it with other predominant c2 users, they don't seem to have the problem. 

i didnt play guideline for 2weeks and my c2 bpm went up to 170 for a while. there is less hesitation once you lose the guideline mindset and the headache goes away. also, it was just easier. to be honest, i don't really know what changed in my brain but my c2 skills improved noticeably once i stopped playing guideline for a while. but then, it takes just as long, maybe even longer to get back into the guideline mindset. isn't really worth it in my opinion unless you're trying to get rank 1 which i think you could if you tried 'x'. 

have you tried out the recent bot from setosan? it's pretty fun to play. 

when are we 1vs1ing?

3/11/2015 10:21:39 AM
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Re: Question: how to play c2 well for a long time

When you play and improve, your brain has a lot of new elements to handle. It will be ok with time.

Whatever, I think your headache aren't about the game.

You need to rest your eyes the most you can.

Use the breathing time between two games to watch outside your window.

Drink more water etc...

3/11/2015 11:06:14 AM
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Re: Question: how to play c2 well for a long time

I only play c2 and I think most other dominant c2 players aswell see everything thats going on in their field; combo, next piece and their field with a quick glance. I have played some tetrisfriends but stopped because it A: sucks, but it completely drains me, the game requires so much more thinking about your play then the c2 kind of reactionary style of play. 

Like achille said, I think time will make you get used to it. I used to get drained by playing max speed for a while now I can play my max speed with ease for over an hour in maserati.

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