A Cheese Tournament Format (long winded blog)

3/12/2015 10:11:54 AM
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How hard can it be?

A Cheese Tournament Format (long winded blog)

One of the main reasons I wanted to bring Quickfire back was a result of a Survey I did on Harddrop about a month ago.
It showed a few things,

  1. PC was the most preferred platform
  2. Battle was the most preferred way to determine skill

What I didn't expect is that the 2nd most preferred way was through sprint style gameplay. And having seen that the 40L world record was recently reached again, it got me wondering why we don't see sprint competitions more often and always default to a battle mode. Did the majority of people choose battle because thats what gets pushed in pretty much every multiplayer tetris game? TF, Nullpol, TOP, C2 all push as the main play online.

But I started to wonder would the players that are good at the sprint style tournaments, where you actually don't interact with the opponent be the same players that are good in the bog standard 1v1 tournaments we're so use to seeing. And what would it look like?

I'm using C2 because its one of the only games I know that:

  1. Has the option of a speed style test, Cheese.
  2. Has a very cool and attractive community. (No not you, YOU)

Though I probably would of preferred it if the Maserati 40L challenge could be made into rooms, The Cheese/Dig style races have always had a lot of cool moments in play and a lot of close calls.
But how should a cheese tournament operate? What were the options.

First to 11 sets (Table Tennis Format).

The most obvious thing to do would be to just do the 1v1 tournaments we always run and replace it with cheese. I have a couple of problems with this.

It gives tooo much of advantage to the most consistent player. And maybe you think it should, but in every other racing competition I've seen, be it Athletics, Horse Racing, Swimming etc. Its not the most consistent that wins its Best on the day in that time in that place.

The closest comparison of the current 1v1 format we have would probably how table tennis competitions operates. And I can't really see why you would use a format that is 1v1 when opponents are never interacting with each other unlike all the other sports that use the format.

So I mentioned Athletics, Horse Racing and Swimming, what about there format?

Heats and Finals (Racing Format)

Unbelievably I use to be a pretty good swimmer,and not the "oh yeah I bet you we're" kind of brag, I was damn good okay, State Medalist, Nationals Qualifier in Australia.
( •_•)>⌐■-■

Anyway the format works by having heats of competitors compete, top 16 make it into 2 semi finals and top 8 make it into the Final of the event, the winner of the final wins the whole thing, even if you were fastest in the previous 2 rounds.

The problem with this format though is, Its really short for tetris. Obviously doing physical activity and managing to deal out energy over 3 races in real life would be a tyring and physically exhausting activity. In Tetris... not so much. Well maybe after hours and hours of play but not 3 races. Cmon I would say the average cheese player probably takes less than 30 secs to do it. 45 if you really really want to include brand new players. It would take longer to do the signups for the competition than the competition itself!

This format just doesn't lend itself as well to Cheese as I first thought. So whats the alternative? How could i stretch a competition out? maybe give some essence of consistency but not too much? And still reward best on the day?

Well athletics is divided into Track and Field... Field Events?

The Best Attempt (Field events Format)

In Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin, Shot Put, Discus etc. You have 6 attempts to make the best jump/throw you possibly can and the winner is the one by the end of it that produced the best result. This event has heats and finals just like a race does, but it makes sense to have many attempts because jumping and throwing are very quick. Just. like. cheeeeeese

The problem seems to almost work for cheese, almost. In cheese the round ends when the fastest player finishes. So while we have the time for the fastest player, what about everyone else in the room? How can I decide the top 16 or top 8 when only 5 people have a time, you might say well it was clear they were the fastest in there heat... but what if 2nd place in heat 1 was faster than the 1st place player in heat 2. By the rules in the format, Its the 8 fastest, not the best from the heat.

The only way around this would be too use the cheese from the challengers tab, and then... have the player play X number of times at the same time... and then have them send me a copy of a screen shot... and the screen shot has to include a date and time so i know its legit?

Nup that would be just so confusing and I wouldn't even know where to begin with shit like that.

We have to work within the boundaries of what I'm given in the game and make it work.

Mashing Everything Together (The Cheese Format)

So what I've decided on is kind of a mixture of everything we just talked about. Allow me to walk you through it.

How are rooms setup?

4 players per room(whether its a heat, or semis or finals whatever).

How does it play?

the 4 players will play 10 rounds, not First to 10, not best of 10 (thats not even a thing). 10 rounds in total, Much like the Field events format

How do you determine the Winner?

Classically, its based on points. Each round gives you 3 points for a win, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd, 0 for 4th. By the end of Highest score wins. best in the heat wins.

That Sounds pretty stupid Kastle.
Well... sue me, its the best I could come up with, its not to fast but its fast enough for a quickfire, it utilises the room without having to write down times, its easy,  it rewards consistency, as well as punishes stuff ups.

But the thing that can f*** this up real bad. Disconnection, when a player leaves a room not only does he loses his points, but how much a player earns in points is relative to how many players are in the room. In 1v1 its not so bad because you get 1 point in a win ALL THE TIME. But 4 player rooms are different to 3 player rooms are different to 6 player rooms etc.


Just go with me on this for this weekends quickfire, and if it doesn't work out, well I guess its back to the drawing board.


3/13/2015 4:22:44 PM
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“If they ever tell my story let them say I walked with giants (...) let them say I lived in the time of Achilles...”

Re: A Cheese Tournament Format (long winded blog)

Unbelievably I use to be a pretty good swimmer


Oh yeah I bet you were.

3/13/2015 7:19:18 PM
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Re: A Cheese Tournament Format (long winded blog)

haha i guess i never read through such a long cultris post ever, but i gotta say its was really entertaining and funny and with some facts i didnt know (kastle as a swimmer? pretty cool). But beside the funny post and some facts its actually a pretty good idea and i hope it will work out, even though i cant play this sunday :/

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