Frame Rate

2/24/2017 4:07:15 PM
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Frame Rate

does the number that show up when you press F8 mean anything?

when i am just sitting off, my frame rate is around 60s but when i start playing a match, it jumps up to 120s.

i wonder if thats good or bad.

if its bad then please suggest some methods to imrpove it(if any)


2/24/2017 8:25:15 PM
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Re: Frame Rate

Frame Limit = 60 FPS

After a match Starts input is processed by 120 FPS while game runs at 60 FPS.

2/25/2017 5:23:57 PM
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Re: Frame Rate

I can add that its the same for everyone, in case that wasnt clear from what def said, so dont worry about it :)

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