[sug] Backup for long-time challenges

5/28/2017 4:15:15 PM
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[sug] Backup for long-time challenges

Admin: Can you please implement a "welcome back" for online challenges? For continue the run if some unlucky, i mean, UNLUCKY disconnect appears.


I had the saddest moment of my life yesterday.

I invested a lot of time these days in JClewetts challenge and i got a disconnection when i was 101 tetrises(with high chances to get a better score).


Its soooooo sad start from zero again, and every run is 5+ minutes...

Bye. crying


5/28/2017 6:07:18 PM
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me gusta el quesito

Re: [sug] Backup for long-time challenges


5/28/2017 6:15:03 PM
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Re: [sug] Backup for long-time challenges

3:05 suivivoring then dc

I had the same feelings that time


5/28/2017 8:39:29 PM
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Re: [sug] Backup for long-time challenges

Admins have no power over that, only Simon does, and i dont think he will find the idea too great, cause someone might find a way to exploit it.

Apart from that, I feel your pain. Sounds really shitty.

5/29/2017 1:19:40 AM
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Re: [sug] Backup for long-time challenges

that's why those are the challenges i don't usually play lol

5/29/2017 8:46:46 AM
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Re: [sug] Backup for long-time challenges

I think such a feature could be implemented since there already is a reply function thus knowing what you have played so far. Hardest part would probably find out if someone really disconnected or something else happened and figure out if its not exploitable.

@Jes, Simon is the admin the rest of us just mods :-) 

@Everone, do you guys also have issues to type in the forum? My blinking cursor does not occur when i click the typing area.

5/29/2017 7:05:29 PM
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Re: [sug] Backup for long-time challenges

I also was so close to sub 30, might have even been such a perfect game with no speed loss that it could have been a high 28



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