Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

8/30/2017 4:15:50 PM
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Cultris II Community FPS/IPS Patch

Hi folks,

with pleasure i can present you a patch that lets you play with more than 60 FPS / 120 Input Rate.

Video of how i made it (29:03 Minutes length)


  • Improved Persistence of Vision Effects
  • Reduced Input Lag
  • More consistency
  • More FPS
  • No annoying Background Animation anymore
  • Higher resolutions work without much lag if your PC is good enough

Windows Version

1. Make sure Java x86 32 Bit Version is installed
This is really plus Ultra important, because otherwise the game won't start!
Please look at the marked Version and be sure that is the one you install
2. Download
4. Extract the C2-Community somewhere outside of Cultris II folder
5. Start the Cultris II Starter.bat
6. If you get any error now go back to step 1 and install the right version
5. Wait for the Game to appear
6. Start test.EXE (With 60 HZ) but Trainer unlocks FPS or alternatively the right Jar file according to your Monitors max Refresh Rate (Hz) otherwise game will not go Fullscreen Mode and crash Modified Jar file 
7. Look at the Hotkeys and use your desired Setting.
You don't need to have the Tool in Focus
You can check your FPS Ingame. If you press F8 It's the half of the Value displayed.
My used setting is 240 FPS but i havent experimented much yet.
9. Profit

Here is a small Video using the Tool in Windowed mode
Note video is 1 day old, but actual version is newer so it might look different

MAC OS Version

run   sudo spctl --master-disable in terminal

1. Download
2. Install the Version that matches your wanted windowed FPS.

Note If you want to achieve the same Frequency in Fullscreen, you need the Game + number you installed
as Monitor Frequency, otherwise the game will crash when you try to fullscreen it.

I could not yet make a Trainer because Cheat Engine is not working on MAC OS as intended.
If you know anything how to create Trainer on MAC OS, let me know.

Big thanks to quicksort!

Known issues

Monitor Frequency does revert under Windows when alt tabbing
Fix for it (AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA)
1. Download Custom Resolution Utility (CRU)
2. Extract CRU somewhere and start cru.exe
3. Untick all Boxes you see on the first page
4. Click ​Extension Blocks and go to edit (Blue highlighted)
5. Delete every Frequencys that you dont use till you have only 1 Entry Left
6. Press Okay, Press Okay Again
7. Start restart.exe
8. Profit


How i got the idea to make a change? 
I recently bought a 240 Hz Monitor and was annoyed the game can only display 60 FPS

test.EXE does not work, what now?
Make sure your Antivirus didn't block it and run it as Administrator

No, unfortunately the Windows Version does not support this

I still only have 60 FPS, what now?

1. Go to nVidia Control Panel
2. Click on manage 3D settings
3. Click on Program Settings
4. Add java.exe
5. Scroll down and deactivate V-Sync
6. Set prerendered Frames to 1 for less lag

Note: You dont need to turn it off if you have an monitor that has the Frequency (Hz) identical to the chosen FPS  

I dont have more than 60 Hz, will that Patch help?

Yes, more FPS means less delay till it reaches the Monitor.
In addition to that, the Input Rate of Cultris II is always the double amount of FPS.
Example: 240 FPS -> 480 Input Rate

For who is the Patch for?
Basically anyone can use it. The only Limit in FPS is Hardware / Cultris II itself.

What is the Community Patch?
Basically the MAC Version of the Game, modified.

I cant open test.EXE  what to do?
Make an Exception in your Antivirus Software or temporily disable the Antivirus Software

I dont trust you, are your files safe?
Yes. But the tool i developed to raise the FPS has a false-positive on some Anti Virus Software
Here is a scan of Virustotal

How can i support you?

After you did read the FAQ, please feel free to report any Problems you encounter.
I'm available on Discord and here in the Forum and naturally in the Game as well.

Have Fun,


8/31/2017 4:42:07 PM
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Re: Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

i can vouch for this tool. when im not on my mac i play on my 144hz monitor and allowing the fps to go above 144 allows for 10x better gameplay 

8/31/2017 7:21:19 PM
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Re: Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

Great work so far on this and it really works, Def guided me through the process (it's pretty simple once you finish the steps, you just need to do them in the correct order and download the correct java version, etc...


9/1/2017 11:27:09 AM
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Re: Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

To some extent, DEF's work makes my C2 windowed rebirth,it plays very fast, which in my low configuration of this computer is simply the Gospel, thanks to the dedication of DEF once again!

9/2/2017 12:23:10 PM
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Re: Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

Good job! Makes windowed mode playable again. 

9/17/2017 10:44:51 PM
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Re: Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

Thanks for making the no background version and increasing rate of input polling. I can play faster with this unofficial patch. I think getting a piece to the wall is faster than before with the same autorepeat settings.

9/18/2017 2:17:37 AM
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Re: Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

No background? Where? How? :)

9/18/2017 6:43:50 AM
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Re: Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

I mean no wave animation. Just monochrome background. That's part of the download provided by Def in the first post.

9/19/2017 2:48:24 AM
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Re: Cultris II unofficial Community Patch

Yes, my "new" jar file was too old, thanks !