Cultris I Reborn

3/8/2018 1:51:13 PM
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Cultris I Reborn

-As of 09.03.2018--

Cultris I Servers open For the next approx. 12 months we will have an US-EAST-Sever setup you can play in.
Other than that for the next handful years you will be able to host / create new Games as there is a new Control Server.
Means: Even if our US-EAST Server runs out - we still have the Control Server in Backup if someone wants to host
Just run the addserver.bat as Administrator like it's described on the Homepage and then run the Game
The whole control Server ( got Reverse Engineered.

No Hamachi / Tunngle needed

Website will be updated soon - for the Ladder:

There was a change at our host and thus no support for this anymore.
It's also a bit of a waste to just do that stuff for like 2 people playing.