Getting new players

12/9/2011 8:46:58 AM
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Getting new players

Hi @ all, i finaly made an account to post here in the forums. Im Apokalyptika aka monto from cultris 1, perhaps some people from cultris 2 know me from older times.

The reason why i made this account is to share some ideas how new ppl can be won for this game: I just searched "cultris" in google and the results were very good, we are on the first side with and after our home page there were many artikles about the game.

Not so good are the search results when i type in "tetris" there is no way to find cultris with this keyword. Same for "tetris clone" and "tetris multiplayer". I ask me how should ppl find us who are intrested in tetris. They have to know about the existance of cultris even before finding us via google to come to our homepage. We should ajust the keywords a little bit so that we are found with tetris related keywords too. Especialy when i look at the tetris games which pop up after the google search where one game is worse than the other.

Nest idea is to contact some game topliste sites that they add us to teir toplists. This action is for free to and can provide some new players too cause it rise the popularity of cultris.

And the last idea is about keeping new players: A beginner server like bartezz with bpm restriction <120 isnt enaugh to keep new players there should be a real noob server with a bpm restiction <80 because that is a speed where new players arent instantly scared.

Best regards

Apokalyptika aka monto

12/9/2011 10:39:33 AM
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Re: Getting new players

hey monto! long time no see...


i had a similar idea a few weeks ago:


the bad news is: i contacted every single site of my list, and i didnt get a single response..

the good news: i m still willing to help if i can..somehow ; )


greetings, t0x

12/9/2011 11:56:37 AM
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Re: Getting new players

Hehe Tox , its true it was a long time. I saw that you got on first position in cultris 2, in meanwhile im very active again in cultris 1 ;)

Neverthless, then lets start again with that idea because its very important that cultris dont die.. i will make a list of important gaming sites which we should contact..

But whats about the related key word search in google, how can we change that wie are listet for keywords like "tetris", "tetris multiplayer" and "tetris clone" too ? When i look at the results for this keaywords cultris deserves at least to be ranked in the top 4 sites in google for this keywords... Does anybody know how it is possible to get better in this rankings ?

12/9/2011 4:32:45 PM
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Re: Getting new players

hi monto,

still playing c1 ? you should join us in c2. almost all good players switched to c2.
we need more good players. gogogo install c2 :)

Does anybody know how it is possible to get better in this rankings ?


12/9/2011 4:48:41 PM
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Re: Getting new players

Search engine optimization is important, but I think contacting gaming sites is the wrong way.

Originally I was a Multris player. is still the second entry for the google search "tetris online multiplayer" and the fourth for "tetris online", although it only consists of the headline "Multiplayer Tetris Online" and a link to redirect you. So I would suggest adding some key words (especially the autocompletions you get for the word Tetris) to the headline " - Cultris", something like Tetris, online, multiplayer, free, download. But this could cause trouble with the Tetris Foundation.

Another thing is Tetris related sites like TetrisConcept or HardDrop. One year ago I asked for a fast Tetris clone without T-Spins. But nobody recommended Cultris - although it is the fastest one I know now.

12/9/2011 11:31:28 PM
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Re: Getting new players

Word of mouth is the best way to bump up the number of players in cultris everyone introduce the game to family and friends spread the word :)

i think Apok is right about a slower server for new players, can be a bit daunting and off putting playing in a unlimited or fast server when you first try the game.

long live cultris \o/

12/9/2011 11:41:17 PM
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Re: Getting new players

hi all

I agree totally with apok, we do need to advertise cultris more as a tetris game. I would also say that i agree about a slower server for new players, i have already posted about this. I will send barthezz an email and see if he would like to start one maybe that would help. I will post news as soon as i have any :)




12/30/2011 8:39:24 AM
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Re: Getting new players


So what about using the headline "Cultris - a free multiplayer online Tetris clone"?

12/30/2011 2:35:35 PM
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Re: Getting new players

Changed the title of the start page.

1/7/2012 10:33:29 AM
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Re: Getting new players

First off, it is always nice, when Devs are your suggestions. But I have a guilty conscience. I don't want to be blamed for, when something bad happens to this site. Does somebody know, why Blockles was taken down? Did they advertise with the word Tetris?

Somehow I think, the headline sounds weird. I am speaking about the indefinite article "a". Is there "a Tetris"? Or is there just "Tetris"? I would be interested to hear, what other Cultrisers think.

I used some searches to see, if it had some effect. I hope, the results aren't distorted, as I clicked the Cultris link for similar search requests before.

free multiplayer tetris: 6th
tetris free multiplayer: 9th
tetris multiplayer free: 12th
free multiplayer tetris online: 17th
multiplayer tetris online free: 22th
multiplayer tetris: 12th
tetris multiplayer: 29th
free tetris: not under the top 100
tetris free: not under the top 100